Tasmanian Council of Churches


Associated Bodies

Associated Bodies are represented on the Tasmanian Council of Churches by their own appointed delegate.

These links are provided for information only; the Tasmanian Council of Churches is not responsible for external websites.

Australian Church Women
Australian Church Women seeks to unite Christian women across denominational boundaries, to promote peace, understanding and unity through faith and love in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Miss Daphne Mitchell is a member of the Australian Church Women and a member of the TCC Executive.

Jane Franklin Hall
Jane Franklin Hall is a co-educational residential college at the University of Tasmania at Hobart, and was established under the auspices of the Tasmanian Council of Churches.  At Jane all residents are encouraged to make the most of the many opportunities the college offers. Residents can try bushwalking, a range of sports, drama and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra concerts.  As well there are formal events, speakers from the community, an annual art show, a Visiting Fellows program and much more. Academic assistance is provided by trained tutors.  Ms Joanna Rosewell is Principal and a member of the TCC Executive.

Spiritual Care Australia
Spiritual Care Australia (SCA) is the professional association for practitioners in chaplaincy, pastoral care and spiritual services.  As a national organisation SCA seeks to unify, consolidate, support, promote and encourage the development of chaplaincy, religious, pastoral and spiritual care within contemporary multi-faith Australia. SCA's representative on the TCC Executive is Mr Paul Hueston.

TCC Emergencies Ministry
The Tasmanian Council of Churches Emergencies Ministry Inc. (TCC EM) is part of the State Government's Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan, with the activation of the regional social recovery committee in the event of a disaster or emergency.  The TCC EM is the primary agency whose sole purpose is to deliver accredited pastoral care in times of crisis. Pastor Gordon (Gus) Yearsley is the TCC Emergencies Ministry State Officer and is a member of the TCC Executive.

ReVenture / Converge RTK
ReVenture is the not-for-profit owner of the commercial entity Converge RTK (trading as Converge International).  Beginning as a provider of industrial chaplaincy it was named, until November 2010, the Inter-Church Trade & Industry Mission, or ITIM.  Converge RTKs services have since diversified to other fields: its mission is now to partner with organisations to increase the effectiveness and wellbeing of their people, designing and delivering relevant consulting and training services with measurable results.  ReVenture's representative on the TCC Executive is currently vacant.